Storytelling through film and video has an emotional power to engage people like few other media. In their newsletter "Science & Video", targeted to institutional science communicators, EURASF members Sibylle Grunze, Kerstin Hoppenhaus and Thilo Körkel explore the dynamic landscape of science film and video, with reviews from the scientific literature, film tipps and an international event calendar.

The newsletter appears six to ten times a year and the next edition will be out soon. Inside: 3D cherry cakes and some pretty amazing Nautilus-footage. Also: Do films really change the behaviors of their viewers? And: With so many people, especially younger ones, seeking information on Youtube, they look at a new study that compares web and tv formats that cover climate change.
Kerstin Hoppenhaus and Sibylle Grunze are independent filmmakers in Berlin (, and Thilo Körkel is Institutional Partnerships Manager at Spektrum der Wissenschaft and Nature Research Group, and founder of SciViews, a curated science video portal hosted on