InScience’s third edition will take place from Wednesday 8 until Sunday 12 November 2017 in Nijmegen.

InScience Dutch International Science Film Festival offers a high-quality line-up of carefully selected science films, lectures, and media-art. InScience is a five-day journey of discovery and gives you a glimpse into a new world. The program offers a high-quality line-up of carefully selected science films, more than one hundred scientists and directors to discuss and debate these films. Several artists will also be present to share their diverging views. The competition program is the festival’s most prestigious competition. One of the films will be awarded the NTR Audience Award.

The theme of the third edition of InScience is ‘No facts, no future’. With that, the festival takes the position in the era of alternative facts, post-truth and the belief that science is also an opinion. In this day and age, it’s important to remember that science is what has built the society we know today.

competition program and more

The competition program of InScience consists of the best science films of the festival, each having their own sphere, style, color, and tone. The artistic science film is central: cinematic quality, imagery, and vision are keywords. Scientific relevance is a condition, a wide public reach is a goal. The imagination of science is most important.

In addition to the regular film program, the festival organises a large number of events where audience and filmmakers meet: talks, lectures, debates, live performances and installations spread across the various festival locations in Nijmegen. The programming reflects and confronts the visitor with the impact of science on society: in the state of the art Do-It-Yourself Labs, visitors move into the role of researcher, via virtual reality and serious gaming, InScience opens new perspectives and through a comprehensive education program, students from the top classes of elementary school are introduced into the imagination of science and in the distinction between fact and opinion.
Junior program

On Wednesday afternoon we celebrate the start of InScience. In collaboration with Het Klokhuis, the Klokhuis science award is awarded and you will see the premiere of the Klokhuis episode ‘Vegetables on Mars’, the winning research of last year. In the library, you can go to the story lab or you can follow a fake news workshop. Sunday is the Junior Science Day of InScience. Get acquainted with new and unknown research, test your knowledge with the quiz, enchant yourself through beautiful movies and experience what it’s like to be a researcher.

InScience has two competitions: the Audience Award and the Student Award. Each competition has its own framework, but the three criteria – cinematic quality, scientific relevance, broad public – are the main focus. InScience selects a limited number of movies for each of the competitions.

View the full programm here.