ENLIGHT-TEN+ is a European Network Linking Informatics and Genomics of Helper T cells in Tissues.

This Innovative Training Network (ITN), which is funded by the European Union H2020 Programme, addresses a crucial missing link in our current research environment, the lack of qualified individuals who possess the cellular immunology skills to recognize and define important scientific questions amenable to -omics approaches, and also the bioinformatic expertise to interrogate and interpret the resulting big-data appropriately.

ENLIGHT-TEN+ will empower its ESRs to take advantage of emerging technologies to uncover novel aspects of TRM cells in health and disease. Finally, the ESRs will learn how to actively communicate the project outcome and its impact to the general public by the making of science videos for a wider audience with professional support of the European Academy of Science Films (EURASF) and by getting involved in the ‘Artists in the lab’ initiative of Cultivamoscultura.

The first summit of ENLIGHT-TEN+ consisted of 28 faces in front of computers. Nevertheless, it was a success, and only a face-to-face meeting could have been more fun. Our minds are set towards the real start of the 15 research projects and we are all looking forward to the exciting recruitment period ahead. In the distance, we can already see the next events coming: The first ENLIGHT-TEN+ Summer School and Annual Network Meeting might even take place in the “real world”…keep your fingers crossed.