EURASF momentum

We try to encourage and support here projects and finished audiovisual objects of our members and pick, choose and present those which could reach wider interest and audiences, even if not produced with the usual market entries of the TV industry. Often bold, always solid and driven by passion, they might contribute to altering the often limited perception of science on media and building a bridge between research and the people, science and arts.

This time it is a genuin, subtle, inspiring microscopic journey which caught our eyes and hearts:


2022. 26’

Wonder and awe, sense, sensitivity and poetry, but also knowledge and a fresh perspective - All this offers this film which enters in the smallest of our living units inside ourselves, cells. Beyond that, it manages a huge endeavor: gathering and assembling the outstanding visuals out of about 25 international scientific laboratories from 4 continents to one exceptional audiovisual experience.

And the result of the efforts and talent of three passionate young scientists and science communicators does not stop here: There is also an exhibition set up « CELL IMMERSION » - for the time being visible in Bordeaux at the « Bassins des Lumières » (until 2nd of January 2023).

All this is part of a larger ambition of linking science and arts, laboratories and audiences and offering free access and soliciting curiosity and interest by an approach of "Open Science ».

« CELL WORLDS » deserve in our eyes a wide dissemination at festivals, universities, museums, schools and more. This is why we showcase them for what tries to be a momentum for films and projects of our members - objects which do not necessarily enter into the usual distribution circuits.

Have a look at the dedicated website (film and exhibition) to learn more about the creators, their ambitions and partners here