As covered earlier EURASF had teamed up with Sunny Side of the Doc in June 2019 for a European Talent Hub for Science Media. Several candidates had been casted out of the members of the associations. 9 participants out of 7 countries got an invitation to La Rochelle with a grant. 7 attended and presented their artistic work and approach of science as well as their newest project.

As a result from this, Daniel Bruno Aviso & Shenny Aricel Madrigal from Spain and Mike Paterson from the UK got the confirmation for the prestigious Science Sandbox Development Grant of the Sundance Institute. The Science Sandbox Films team had been assisting to the Talent Hub and approached them after the pitch. They support innovative documentary film projects through a mix of financial and creative support — from full co-productions to direct financing at various stages of development and production.
Find more about the Sandbox Development Grant here!
Congratulations to the grantees!

The feedback of the other candidates was also very positive:

  • For all of them, it was the very first time they attended this market.
  • All of them would otherwise not been able to come without the invitation.
  • They met lots of people from the industry from all over the world.
  • Almost all got  there tangible interest for their finished films and/or last project or personal work - most of them with a kind of done deal or at least big hopes for positive outcome (coproduction, sale, pre-sale, interest of museums, film funds, creative collaboration etc.)

At this point I would like to draw your attention again to programs like SF_Aid, that we offer for our members to support talents and projects! Please contact us if you're interested.