Almost Human is the Best European Science Film 2019/20

The winner of the best European science film 2019/20 is announced quite late. The whole process was heavily influenced by the COVID 19 crisis and the film could not be presented and awarded at the Krakow Film Festival as planned.
The film was chosen by the members of the EURASF, who were able to view all the nominated films online on our partner Pitch the Doc's website and then make their decision.
The winner is the Danish film Almost Human by the award-winning Danish director Jeppe Rønde.

Rønde has invited ten of the world’s leading scientists – and a robot – to rethink our relationship with technology. Narrated by actor, writer and activist Stephen Fry, they give their takes on the thesis that our relationship with technology is just as much about our relationship with ourselves.

We congratulate the winner of the EURASF Award 2019/20!

Almost Human

  • Denmark / 2019/47 min.
  • Language: English
  • Star: Stephen Fry
  • Director: Jeppe Rønde
  • Producer: Birgitte Rask